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The person behind the world famous becca cosmetics into Africa is the formidably Business-Savvy Stella Nondumo-Buthelezi.

She practiced psychology for several years before her insatiable appetite for the corporate environment took precedence. Buthelezi’s hunger for entrepreneurship began early. She knew from a young age that the truest legacy she could ever leave would come through her own hard work. Above all else, Buthelezi has a mind for business. Not only that-she revels in it. Maybe it’s because she can read people, who knows, but one things for certain; she knows a good bet when she sees one.

She is not only the brains behind Affinity Properties, which focuses on corporate leasing, but also the founding director of Masawu investments, a broad-based black economic empowerment company with interests in Mining, property and entertainment- both logically- and lifestyle, which is underlying intriguing.

Many a businessman would find lifestyle completely beyond his range, but Buthelezi’s intuition and ability to spot prospective enterprise led her to tackle a market renowned for being fickle; female cosmetics.

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